Bookings will be finalized through confirmation of the requested date. After confirmation, the deposit can be made to hold the agreed upon booking date. Credit Card or Interac Debt is not available.

Deposit Policy

A minimum $100 deposit to hold the booking date. Deposit can be paid via etransfer. If booking two weeks in advance, a personal cheque sent through the mail is an alternative if etransfer is not accessible. The balance of the cost of the trip can be paid in cash or etransfer. Credit Card or Interac Debt is not available.

Cancellations within 1 week before the booking date or No Shows, will result in loss of deposit.

Booking Made Easy

To requested a fishing trip we offer two methods. Regardless of method we will connect with you and confirm all aspects of your trip. 

  1. *Call us, Text us, 289-690-4221 or email us and we will consult with you the best fit for your desired trip date.
  2. *You can check our Availability by going to the page and search by trip type and by date and they will be listed or you can look on the calendar below and select an available date. When you select a date you can register with the site and book the date that includes your name, email, and phone number and we will connect with you ASAP.