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If you wish to have someone install your fishing equipment on your boat, we can help. Consult with us before you start drilling holes and we will walk you through with purchasing the best equipment for your needs and then help you install it. 

Making downrigger work on a boat that may not have mounting options on the gunnels or along the transom. Using long boom riggers and a mounting plate on risers makes the large swim platform  a non issue.

Eight thumb bolts takes the entire downrigger plate and riser assembly unit off the boat when not fishing.

Special considerations to the Engine hatch compartment, side access way from/to swim platform and separation of downrigger spread from out drives.

Boat sales representatives are often not fisherman and may not understand your fishing equipment needs and installation. Where to install rod holders, downriggers, Planer board masts and sonar, GPS, and marine VHF radio is our specialty. Buy the boat first, equipment later. It will save you a bundle and get you exactly what you need- fishability!

Wiring downriggers using clean and well planned ideas. Here a terminal block is installed with 12 gauge underground (waterproof) wire fused at the battery. The terminal block can easily manage two more wire connections that could include a down speed monitor unit in the future. 

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Mounting hardware is all Stainless steel and nylon nuts, wood backing and washers to prevent loosening off from vibration.