Digital Mapping Data



Mapping your GPS waypoints and making them available to view in conjunction with other digital map data on your home PC.

Latitude and Longitude measurements are a means to place your waypoint(s) on a map, but also the information about that location can be described and further retrieved and displayed by a mouse click. Your waypoints of a shipwreck or a fish holding bolder can be referred to in a simple display. Couple the location with information and you have a geographic library of your fishing experiences.

Discover- fish holding patterns, predict your next hotspot, manage your trip logs on your home PC.

Install Google Earth Here...

Google Earth is a desktop software that is free and uses the premise of Geographic Information Systems to layer (overlay) themes of information. Your waypoints have coordinates that find location relationships to other layers such as Bathymetry (water depth contours). Discover more about Google Earth here.

Do you need to print off your favourite Fishing Map? See this website for your free fishing maps... Go to and register. Then look under your geography, download your fishing map, then print. It's all free.

FINtastic Sportfishing can map your listed waypoints and have them plotted on Google Earth.

Email for an estimate.

Information Required;

Provide number of waypoints to be mapped,

GPS unit used to record waypoints

Save waypoints to SD Card from GPS unit and have files ready for delivery.