On the Water Clinic pricing is not to be used in combination with Online Offer.

"I don't want to drill holes in my new boat until I know exactly what I need for equipment and where it should be mounted!"

This statement is heard over-and -over and you may need input from years of experience rigging boats with trolling equipment. We can help.

Consulting with you on your equipment needs. Show you where to mount it, install it if you wish, and demonstrate it's use on the water.

It's about building your confidence that you are properly rigged and ready to do battle with the next great lakes giant.

"I hear about all the great fishing close to home in Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, but would like to know more about it before investing in equipment and time."

What better way to fast track your learning curve in the world of open water Salmon & Trout and Walleye trolling, then taking a one day "Fun" On-The-Water Clinic that promises to be educational?

Learning about quality trolling equipment, tackle, techniques and hands-on experiences so you can transfer your knowledge to your own boat and transform it into the next fishing machine!

Part 1. $50 per hr. consultation and Installation 6 hrs $150 1per. $250 2 per. (Lake Ontario)
Part 2. 3 hrs: $150, 6 hrs: $175, 8 hrs: $200 8 hrs $175 per. $300 2 per. (Lake Ontario)