Walleye Fishing on Lake Erie

Walleye are also called Pickeral, but I like to call them Dinner.
Lake Erie is unofficially the absolute best Walleye filled lake in the world. Recent population counts show that the lake has never seen as many walleye. The lake has many different sized walleye. Fish over 8 lbs are common and many smaller fish, that are considered “eaters”, provide premium table fare.

Trips Pricing

Half Day Trips or until we reached Fish Limits*
Maximum 3 Person 6 hours = $550
2 Person 6 hours = $475

Best Seasons for Booking your Trip

The end of June and early July is the start of the walleye trolling season. Trips are commonly from Fort Erie, Crystal Beach and Port Colborne. Post Spawn walleye will begin to move from the shallower reefs to offshore open water.

August through September is the best walleye fishing of the year. The lake is at it’s warmest and the walleye are on the feed.

*Considering that catching your limit is a possibility, you might consider purchasing the Sportsmen Fishing License which provides full limits as opposed to the Conservation Fishing License which are half limits. Full limits will maximize your time on the water.