Mike 3 person 4 hour Evening Salmon & Trout Lake Ontario


Thu Jul 27, 2023    
4:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Port Dalhousie, St Catharines Game & Fish Ramp
61 Lighthouse Road, St Catharines, Ontario

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This is a great time to get the family out fishing! 4 hours in the evening is perfect for the kids.

This is Summer evening fishing with good fishing for Salmon and Trout and enjoying great weather and beautiful sun sets. In addition to salmon and rainbow trout catches, Lake Trout fishing remains very good during the early summer season.

Salmon and Trout Trolling

There are a few different styles of fishing trips available during this time of the year.  Some flexibility can be advantageous and we will offer the best case scenario for catching fish.

This time of the year the Lake Trout fishing can be spectacular and jigging these beasts from the bottom on light bass rods is fun. Its a real thrill and can be good fishing with the right conditions.  More info on the possible trips this time of the year include…

Lake Trout Jigging