Lake Trout on Lake Ontario

Lake Trout are also called “Grey Trout” and are the original species of Lake Ontario.
They are not commonly the most sought after species on Lake Ontario amoungst trollers, but they are usually accommodating when the bite is slow when targeting other species. They are a great fish for the kids to fish for. Trolling for Lake Trout is common place, in recent years we have put a new spin on fishing for Lake Trout. Jigging for Lake Trout has changed lazy Lakers into freshwater sharks on light equipment.

Trips Pricing

Half Day Trips
3 Person 6 hours = $550
2 Person 6 hours = $475

Evening Trips during Weekdays (June to early August)
3 Person 4 hours = $475

Best Seasons for Booking your Trip

Lake Trout are caught from the start of the trolling season in early April to when the season closes at the end of September. The very best fishing for Lake Trout has to be May and June. May Lake Trout Trolling can be non-stop catching.

Jigging for Lake Trout really sets up in June and July when they orient to drop offs and along the reefs from Fifty Point to Jordan Harbour.