Perch & Bass Fishing on Lake Erie

Yellow Perch from Lake Erie are world renown, Smallmouth Bass are an amazing fishery for size and quantity.
Lake Erie Yellow Perch has long been a commercial fish that supplies restaurants world wide. Fall fishing for Perch can be very productive and caught on rod and reel. Also during the fall, the Lake Erie bass fishing peaks and are amazing fighters.

Trips Pricing

Half Day Trips or until we reached Fish Limits*
Maximum 3 Person 6 hours = $550
Maximum 2 Person 6 hours = $475

Best Seasons for Booking your Trip

The end of September is the start of fall Bass and Perch trips. Commonly Perch trips will depart from Fort Erie, Crystal Beach and Port Colborne. Bass trips will depart from Port Maitland, Port Colborne and Crystal Beach.

*Considering that catching your limit is a possibility, you might consider purchasing the Sportsmen Fishing License which provides full limits as opposed to the Conservation Fishing License which are half limits. Full limits will maximize your time on the water.