Rainbow Trout on Lake Ontario

Rainbow Trout are also called “Steelhead” and are the most showy of the Great Lakes fish.
They are out of the water more then they are in the water during the fight. Rainbows in Lake Ontario are a fun fish to catch and great for the kids to catch. They also make great table fare, but note 2 Rainbows make a full per person.

Trips Pricing

Half Day Trips
3 Person 6 hours = $550
2 Person 6 hours = $475

Evening Trips during Weekdays (June to early August)
Maximum 3 Person 4 hours = $475

Best Seasons for Booking your Trip

Rainbows begin showing up in catches starting in late May but really don’t become the targeted species until July.

The best Rainbow Trout fishing is from late July through to mid September. The biggest Rainbows tend to be caught in September and often focusing on offshore fishing to see the best action.